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That Cool Café is a hip new salad and yogurt emporium featuring a full menu of delicious healthy meals and snacks, and a tangy new twist new twist on yogurt - the world's oldest health food.

As an alternative to traditional fast food meals and high calorie desserts, That Cool Café offers large custom salads with over 50 garden fresh vegetables and all natural dressings, low-carb flat bread panini's served straight from the grill, and a variety of healthy wraps, sides, and fruit bowls.

But still, its our Cool Yogurt that's the talk of the town! Yes, we have truly created a unique and delicious frozen yogurt that keeps our customers coming back for more. And, it's low fat, low in calories, and provides all of the health benefits of yogurt. Top it all off with your choice of delicious fresh fruit from our all-natural fruit bar (always fresh and never frozen), or healthy granola, nuts or other toppings, for a complete Cool Yogurt experience. We also offer 100% all-natural fruit smoothies (no powders, no preservatives), made with or without our tangy cool yogurt.

So, whether you are enjoying any of our proprietary Cool Yogurt flavors, a scrumptious custom salad, or anything else on our "guilt free" menu, you will know that your meal is rich in vitamins and nutrients.

So come 'chill' out at That Cool Cafe and enjoy all that is healthy and cool...

Healthy never tasted so good...

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